Facebook Marketing Power

Facebook can be an incredible tool for spreading information.

Take for example Ikea’s famous Facebook marketing campaign.

To promote the opening of a new store location, Ikea used it’s relatively small budget to hire a marketing company. The hired Marketing firm launched a Facebook marketing campaign by creating a personal profile for the store manager. They then started uploading pictures of Ikea showrooms to the store managers photo album.

By using the free, and very popular Facebook tool “photo tagging” they began to generate massive publicity.

They began to spread the word that whoever tagged themselves as a piece of furniture in one of the showroom pictures first, would win that piece of furniture. Of course, everyone went tagging crazy, and started requesting  more photos to tag.

The genius part of this plan came from understanding how Facebook spreads information. You see, Facebook tells your friends when they are tagged in a few photo, and adds that photo to your photo album. When someone would tag themselves as a piece of furniture, Facebook would essentially tell all their friends about the photo tag, and word about the free taggin promotion would be effortlessly spread.

In the end, the promotion reached thousands of poeple.

Knowing how to spread information and get people involved in Social Networking is very important. All social networking sites already have these tools built in, it’s just a matter of knowing about them and getting creative. If Ikea had known how to use photo tagging and captions ( If you don’t know how to you facebook photo captions and facebook photo tagging, learn how here) it could have spent virtually no money advertising minus all the furniture they gave away. I’m willing to bet that the buzz and awareness they raised around the new store was more than worth it.

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Is your content wasting your time? Why everyone needs to focus on keywords.

When people read things on the Internet, they have many options to choose from, and they usually only take a few seconds to decide which is the right click to make.

If the topic and general contents of your post are quickly apparent, it will be easier for the right people to find it. Usually, this means having the right information in your title and the first few paragraphs of your content.

We know when we’re searching the Internet we usually scan through the first few options, and click on a couple to quickly see if they contain what we’re looking for. Google functions in a very similar way. Therefore it’s important to be clear for both your readers, and for Google.

In fact, for Google, you need to be SO clear that you can describe what your content is about using only a few KEY WORDS.

Google decides what your content is about by taking a few words and phrases that it thinks sums up your content. It then refers people to your website when people search for a phrase containing those words. Our goal in using SEO is to decide what these keywords and phrases should be, and to place them in our content correctly so that Google also decides that these words describe our content. Google, like most people, puts more weight on keywords that are in the title and beginning paragraph.

But in general, the more closely your content relates to your keywords, the higher Google will rank your post or page for a search containing those keywords. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go on insane rambling sidetrack narratives; it just means that, for the most part, the topic of your content should be consistent with your key words.

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